Photography #176

Photography lately has been focused on our ongoing exploration of the Chickahominy River and basketball.

tiny snake in winter
I didn’t realize how active certain snakes could be in the cold. I just assumed they all hibernated. They found this tiny one in the leaves after it made some noise.

We think this is a dog or coyote skull but regardless it’s now on the back deck with a deer skull.

paper wasp nest
This was pretty large. I’m glad we saw it in the winter when it was empty.

I’ve seen these so many times but still find the patterns interesting enough to photograph.

Even in the woods someone is always watching. This was set up not far from a deer carcass we found.1

Crossing streams on fallen trees will always remind of growing up in South Carolina where I did that every day.

A heavy, but small, iron door.



Maybe old carvings in a tree. There were some others that were really stretched claiming 1920.

A collapsed radio tower. This was just weird. It looked like it’d been this way for a while.

1 Not the one we got the skull from. A different deer carcass.