Photography – December-ish

A mix of photos from Cape Cod and the Outer Banks.

A bit of motion blur from the intentionally slow shutter speed. Not terrible for no tripod. I bought a tripod with Christmas money so we’ll see what options that opens up in the future.

sun sparkles on a saltwater marsh
f22 for aperture, shooting into the sun for some odd lens artifacts and backlighting. This was a little marsh area off the beach where we saw a few birds. It was freezing. I think the extra sparkles are from salt particles on the lens.

salt marsh sunset
We timed out trips a lot more this visit. We did one dawn walk on the beach . . . and then chose to do sunsets for the other trips. This was a sunset walk which turned out pretty well.

The white on the dunes is snow. It was really cold out in the wind. I took that picture pretty early in the walk. I think investing in gloves will be key if we keep up this kind of unfortunate behavior.

Silver Mother of God
A from the car shot of this giant silver statue of Mary.

trains vs mounds of something
Another from the car shot.

Starlings from the road
One of my new car photo games is to try to take pictures of as many types of animals as I can. Most of them turn out poorly but it’s amusing. These starlings were a lucky shot.

hawk eating a squirrel
John took this photo but I found the hawk and sent him to do it. That gets me half the credit right? It was great light. It is a lot like when he was about 4 years old and we walked up on a hawk eating a squirrel. We were able to sit there about 10 feet away and watch it. Now we have a new experience and photographic evidence.

This is Reid’s photograph with the 150-600mm. He’s the one who has me interested in birds currently. It’s amazing to have these super close images and to see the crazy details. The feathers around a bird’s eye are something I’d never really seen before.

This is my photo at the max zoom of the other lens (300mm).

Mocking bird in the bushes
This is another shot that Reid took. While I like both of the pictures above, this picture is the unique one. It doesn’t necessarily shine on phones or seen small but I really love it at full size. Catching the bird in focus in that nest of branches is so hard to do. It is the kind of shot I want to take. There’s some serious challenge to taking impressive pictures of common birds.

Nothing amazing but I like the layers and the colors.

2 thoughts on “Photography – December-ish

  1. Birds make for fab photos if you have the right equipment (I don’t, but you and your friends seem to!) – I follow a few bird photographers on social media, they taught me much about our feathered friends.

    1. It’s wild to see the details I never got to see because I was too far away or the birds were too quick. It’s been fun, if a bit expensive. 🙂

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