Photography – Week 74

I needed a bit of redemption after last week’s pitiful showing. As a result, I spent a good bit more time in the morning and wandered back to some areas on Broad Street that I’d been neglecting.

A random high school tour group was coming through our building. I got the chance to divert them into the maker space area. It probably ruined their entire schedule but they had a blast. This is one young lady using Jamie Mahoney’s letter press (which was a huge hit).



This was a bit of a joke based on an image David found but when you run across a welcome mat in an alley . . .

This was a bad idea

The video game learning area with Enoch Hale was a popular space.

I just liked the color and geometry of this one.

bus stop shadows


I thought they were taking a selfie. She saw me taking the picture and it led to an interesting conversation with both of them. Turns out they were showing pictures of their pets. I would have two more stranger portraits but it’s a company policy that they aren’t allowed to be photographed while wearing those shirts.