Photography – Weeks 56 & 57


crested gecko
There is something strange about geckos. This is my oldest son’s new pet. We’ve gone without pets for some time.

Harder to see in this smaller size but I liked the shadows here. Hopefully I say this in a way that is different from the way people convince themselves they taste nuances in wine. I simply like the shadows. I would not pay extra money for them and would be happy if they came from light I bought at a gas station.

Beautiful wigs
There were a long series of these ads in large and small sizes. They felt a bit like folk art. It was pretty much the middle of nowhere yet the need for wigs must have been great.

It is hard to take pictures of dunes that don’t feel boringly repetitive. I’m not sure I succeeded here but I though the way the light hit the single dune like a spot light was worth capturing.

I try to take pictures of this building often- usually from the highway. It’s a pretty cool building and this was taken at the end of a 12 hour car ride. The light at that time of night mixed with the street light and rain created an interesting effect.

inspecting dawn

It was freezing cold when I took this shot. It was on the south end of the island and wind was blowing hard off the water. The whole place felt pretty surreal.

Trying again to capture images that might be a bit interesting/original of subjects that have been done many times. The attempt here was to focus on the texture of the sand and water.

even feathers have weight
This is on the same end of the island. Even feathers here offered protection from the scouring wind. There’s probably something poetic there.

at rest

ferns macro
Many of the live oak trees on the barrier island had ferns growing on the limbs. I love things like that. Other than hurricanes, I think that life on a barrier island would be good.

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  1. Nice, Tom. Thanks for sharing. What beach? I appreciate the B&W beach shots. My dad took beautiful beach photos when I was a child (in the ’70s) and we spent summers on a remote (at that time) peninsula, Corolla, NC. We were one of only three families who had summer homes there at the time. Thanks for your help this week.

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