Photography – Year in Review

It is still January right?

Instead of looking through all my images or even culling the weekly summaries I opted to see which ones had lingered in my head. These are the ones I remembered. Some of them were pretty popular on the Internets but others received little attention.

my grandfather's funeral
This is an unposed image of my grandfather’s girlfriend at his funeral.

I went through the desert . . .

ride to school

of the city

A For Adventure - Wonder - Jackson Ward

I don't even like cats

Clinton - Stranger #47

Stranger #48 - Eugene Wallace

a kiss

One of the pictures I missed that lingered. I can’t find or erased another of a woman holding her hand up to the glass of a window at night. I must do a better job with metadata.
just part of the scenery

3 thoughts on “Photography – Year in Review

  1. An unbelievably brilliant year of photography. And you are starting to demonstrate some very cool themes, relationships, or whatever you want to call it making the photos tell a story beyond the individual shot. You are really seeing the world with an artist’s eye–whatever the hell that is 🙂

      1. I remember nearly all of these too, and I’ve enjoyed your weekly wrap ups and commentary as well.

        It would be interesting in a review to see the ones forgotten.

        Keep clicking

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