Publishing Google Docs to WPMU

I was looking to have some people in my class publish lesson plans to their WPMU blogs via Google Docs. So I consulting the dean of WPMU, The Right Reverend Jim Groom, and he made it look so easy. Yet, I failed. Feeling stupid I started drinking looked at the differences in our set up. I began to worry it was because I wasn’t using dynamic subdomains. I reached such a depth of despondency that I actually read one of the error messages from Google itself.

It said “Hey Dummy, you haven’t turned on XML-RPC publishing for that blog. Why don’t you go turn it on?” I did and everything now works. There’s a video on how to do that below in case it helps.


6 thoughts on “Publishing Google Docs to WPMU

  1. Cool beans; folks will appreciate that, I’m sure.

    I posted a how-to about a year ago that showed how Google Notebook could drive web research and annotations into a Google Doc for revisions into a blog for publishing, but alas Notebook is no longer under development. I’d hoping for a similarly slick process with Diigo, but it’s just not as easy.

  2. @Jared – I’ll have to check that out. Sadly, we’re now blocking Diijo but at least Delicious is still alive and kicking (fingers crossed)

    @Susan – Always a lot to learn, hopefully forever right? We wouldn’t want to get bored. 🙂

    @Jim – If it’s a blog fight you want. . .

    @Chris – that’s interesting you’re using that for assessment- we’ve been using it for course sign ups at the teacher level. I’m messing around with a post on how to make it warn submitters that the class is nearing full/full.

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