Show Posts in Same Category on Gravity Forms Post Creation

Forest xGump on a bench with the text simple is as simple does.

The goal here is to have someone create some content in a particular category (using Gravity Forms) and then end up seeing content from other people that is in that same category.

There are lots of ways to do this but this in a simple and dynamic way. It has the added benefit of requiring no coding knowledge. It does rely on the Display Posts plugin and Gravity Forms.

View of the Gravity Form  Confirmation Text display.

This is all it takes to show content from the same category in the Text confirmation display area. Sure you could also redirect to a category page but this gives you the ability to customize quite a bit more. I can use offset=”1″ to omit the post the person just submitted. I could go father and add/display only posts that are also tagged “awesome.” I could include excerpts, featured images etc. Nice and easy but lots of options.

Hey you submitted something in theĀ {Post Category:2} category. You should see more stuff in theĀ {Post Category:2} below.

(pretend there's a square bracket here)display-posts category="{Post Category:2}" offset="1" ]