A screenshot of the advanced post creation dashboard with elements numbered 1 through 5.

Gravity Forms to Events Calendar Pro

I did some work making Gravity Forms create Events Calendar events back in 2017. Things have gotten easier with the Gravity Forms Advanced Post Creation plugin. I used this on the Anti-Racism site and forgot to document it. First set up your form so it gets you the data you need. You’ll need something like . . . event title start date start time end date end time description I suggest using the date and time form fields to help people with their entries. If the advanced post creation plugin is installed and active, you’ll have Settings > Post Creation visible associated with your form. We’ll choose to make one of those. I’ll use this embarrassingly large screenshot to talk us through the pattern. I’ll stick with the major pieces but much of this may be self explanatory. Step 1 – set the post type You’ll want to create an event. It’s available as a drop down option under custom post types. That’s handy.1 Step 2 – set the post status In our case, we wanted to approve this before it went live so we chose to put the post in Pending but you have your normal WordPress post status options. Steps 3 and 4 – set the title and description This is just a typical Gravity Forms variable. {whatever:12} […]


The Events Calendar Venue Issue

I’m a big fan of Events Calendar Pro. It makes all sorts of date related things in WordPress very pleasant. The free plugin also does a great job. I did run into a bit of an issue this afternoon as I tried to take events I created in one site and get them into another. Since the events are a custom post type you use the normal WordPress Tools>Export to get them out. That worked fine and I was able to import the events into the new site. The issue came with venues. I’d defined some Venues so I wouldn’t have to keep entering the same addresses again and again. I was able to export/import them in the same way I’d exported the events and they showed up fine as content. Unfortunately, it seems like plugin references the venues via post1 IDs. My imported venues ended up with different IDs and the IDs reference by the events ended up being random WordPress posts (in the traditional sense). This led to venues with names like ‘untitled 4’ or ‘a moment of calm in online teaching.’ Trying to change them on the backend to the venues I’d imported led to weird duplications and the prior information displayed no matter what I did. I didn’t have a huge number of events, maybe 13. […]