Getting Relevanssi Search Working in WordPress Multisite

We shifted the DLINQ site to multisite a while back. It’s no obvious change for anyone viewing but it enables us to spin up different sites without the hassle of jumping between sites or installing the same plugins/themes in so many places. Clearly not rocket science but little things like that build up over time, even with password managers.Or maybe I just missed multisite? Now I can make themes and plugin combinations that more specifical address needs we have. I’ve built out a documentation theme that I need to blog about and made another theme for a fellowship we have going. There’s also an intern handbook on there that’s expanding pretty rapidly. One challenge that using a Multisite in this way brings up is searching across sites. We’re addressing that issue with Relevanssi Premium.I say in with a bad Italian accent and an extra “i” in honor of Jim Groom. It is a paid plugin but it deals with a couple of things that would be a hassle otherwise. The major advantages I saw were. searching across sites in multisite indexing ACF fields having a permanent, unlimited licensing option Permanent, unlimited licensing is a nice option that is rare these days. I like to be able to use the same plugin to solve the same problem. It saves time and […]