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Tag Cloud from Gravity Form Entries WP Plugin

Based on a conversation I had on Tuesday there appeared to be a need to generate a tag cloud1 from Gravity Forms responses. I didn’t see any immediate solutions after browsing for plugins. Granted, I could have jerry rigged something by creating posts and doing something weird where I added the words as tags . . . but I’m trying to do things in a more sustainable way lately and I figured this wouldn’t be too tough. I’m going to try to do a decent job of moving through the development process in stages. If you just want to mess with the plugin, it’s on GitHub. Find a Decent Tag Cloud Library I looked around and found wordcloud2.js. It seemed perfect. It has some real flexibility and the hard work has been done for me. I played around with a demo in CodePen. This lets me work out any kinks I might have in the js/html/css side of things before adding any WordPress and PHP complexities. If I don’t force patterns like this, I’ll add enough complexity that figuring out which thing I’m not understanding is much harder. It might take some extra time but it saves me quite a bit more in the long run. Building the Plugin Foundation enqueue the main scripts Following my mantra of slowly adding […]