Transparent History PNGs

I’ve taken a fair number of public domain photos and dropped the backgrounds so I could use them in various projects. I figured they might be of use to some other people out there. If you click through to the largest image size you’ll find they are decently done (not perfect by any means) but the smaller versions auto generated by Flickr look like COMPLETE garbage. I’m not sure why. But they are PNG files so you can clean them up some more pretty easily if you’d like.

The flickr set is here. Most of the ones up there right now are history related and it’ll likely stay that way for the immediate future.

3 thoughts on “Transparent History PNGs

  1. These are great. If only Flickr wasn’t blocked at school I’d be using them already but I’m sure they’ll be of use when I get home.

  2. Mathew- I should have thought of that since flickr is blocked or us as well. I may just make a local solution for these (in part because I find the flickr thumbnails so terrible).

    Jim- if I was pushing you I’d start posting sermons.


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