Weekly Web Harvest for 2022-09-25

  • Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation
    Climate Mapping for Resilience and Adaptation (CMRA) integrates information from across the federal government to help people consider their local exposure to climate-related hazards. People working in community organizations or for local, Tribal, state, or Federal governments can use the site to help them develop equitable climate resilience plans to protect people, property, and infrastructure. The site also points users to Federal grant funds for climate resilience projects, including those available through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

  • When the Push Button Was New, People Were Freaked – JSTOR Daily
    As media studies scholar Rachel Plotnick details, people worried that the electric push button would make human skills atrophy. They wondered if such devices would seal off the wonders of technology into a black box: “effortless, opaque, and therefore unquestioned by consumers.” Today, you’d probably have to schedule an electrician to fix what some children back then knew how to make: electric bells, buttons, and buzzers.

    “Some believed that users should creatively interrogate these objects and learn how they worked as part of a broader electrical education,” Plotnick explains. “Others…suggested that pushing buttons could help users to avoid complicated and laborious technological experiences. These approaches reflected different groups’ attempts at managing fears of electricity.”

  • Data Visualization With DataTables.js and Highcharts.js
    nice datatables / high charts connection
  • Markwhen
    pretty amazing timeline via markdown
  • Climate Visuals, a project of Climate Outreach
    from one of Alan’s prompts at https://connect.oeglobal.org/t/do-you-know-if-any-niche-specialized-open-licensed-media-collections/4194/3
  • Performance increase for sites with large user counts (now also available on single site) – Make WordPress Core
    This does stuff you’ll want to be aware of if you’re running a large multitsite . . .


  • ocrmypdf/OCRmyPDF: OCRmyPDF adds an OCR text layer to scanned PDF files, allowing them to be searched
    OCRmyPDF adds an OCR text layer to scanned PDF files, allowing them to be searched or copy-pasted.