Handy CSS for WP Presentation Privacy

The WordPress users admin screen showing the blurring of all personal data.

The WordPress users admin screen showing the blurring of all personal data.

Even in my WordPress development environment I have some real names and emails. That happens. Sites get imported. Users get made.

That can create hassles if I want to create a tutorial video or do a live presentation without showing any names or emails. At best, I’m doing post-editing to blur out sections of the video which is a pain. At worst, I’m creating a new development environment and then having to fill it with fake users.

Instead, I came up with an easy way to deal with it via Style Bot.

The following bit of CSS takes care of the blurring of content in the WordPress Multisite admin users view. It’s pretty consistent across WordPress but you might need to tweak it a bit for other layouts. In any case, it’s an easy thing to customize and turn off/on as needed. It’s possible you’d need to throw a few more bits of CSS on there to make it specific to the admin view but I leave that exercise to my mythological reader.

.email a, .column-username strong, td.column-name {
  filter: blur(4px);

5 thoughts on “Handy CSS for WP Presentation Privacy

  1. If I mythologically read this I might have installed Stylebot, tried it out, and jumped for joy. I would mythologically would have come here to leave a comment. Mythological readers read blog posts and leave comments.

    1. Non-spam commenters, mythological or not are always appreciated.

      This was one of those “wait a minute . . . couldn’t I just . . .” moments. Hard to believe I didn’t think to do this before. It would have saved me so much hassle. I only thought of it about 45 seconds before I was going to present.

  2. SAME, My reading of blogs is no myth. Actual Blogging? perhaps. Thanks for documenting always. This is similar to problems folks have with teaching how to stream live on YT. Always letting their stream keys slip out ‘cuz YT and OBS and all the thingz,… don’t obscure that field in anyway.

  3. This is great, and will be super handy for us at Reclaim. I turned this into a tiny plugin that I can upload and install to a couple of WordPress sites that I will need this on frequently. If anyone finds this useful, here it is:


    and here’s a link to download it as a zip, so you can upload it right to WP:


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