Weekly Web Harvest for 2023-04-02

  • [2108.07258] On the Opportunities and Risks of Foundation Models
    Though foundation models are based on standard deep learning and transfer learning, their scale results in new emergent capabilities,and their effectiveness across so many tasks incentivizes homogenization. Homogenization provides powerful leverage but demands caution, as the defects of the foundation model are inherited by all the adapted models downstream. Despite the impending widespread deployment of foundation models, we currently lack a clear understanding of how they work, when they fail, and what they are even capable of due to their emergent properties. To tackle these questions, we believe much of the critical research on foundation models will require deep interdisciplinary collaboration commensurate with their fundamentally sociotechnical nature.
  • ser.3:v.1:disp.1 (1877) – Memorie – Classe di scienze fisiche, matematiche e naturali – Biodiversity Heritage Library