Weekly Web Harvest for 2023-10-15

  • Google Maps API x Houdini – Robert Hodgin
    Despite there not being predictable building meshes, I was able to do something pretty interesting by adding in a flocking simulation that was able to avoid buildings. I started by downloading a decent sized mesh of San Francisco. I then used the Houdini Labs tools and the MapBox API to grab street-map geo from OSM and overlaid it on the Google Maps geo. (This OSM step was totally unnecessary, but it was an interesting exercise.)

    I could then spawn a few hundred thousand objects on the street and basically tell all of them to find the nearest polygon and make sure they don’t come within 1 or 2 meters of that surface. Combined with the flocking rules, the objects did a really good job of avoiding the buildings but still attempting to form interesting murmuration patterns. I hope to revisit this soon (I didn’t render a video because it would tie up my machine for a couple weeks to do a long enough render to be worth it).

  • Trust & Safety Tycoon
    Trust & Safety Tycoon is a game exploring the difficult choices and tradeoffs involved in managing a trust and safety team.

    Created in association with the Atlantic Council’s Task Force for a Trustworthy Future Web.

  • Beyond Memorization
    Violating Privacy via Inference with Large Language Models

    It’s interesting, but I’m not sure how much of this data is already clearly out there through a variety of other mechanisms unless you’re already taking pretty aggressive steps.

  • Analysis | How fast are Formula One pit stops and how do they work? – Washington Post
    Web design meets explanation/article/education.
  • htmx – high power tools for html
    h/t Jeff

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