OpenAI API persona builder example

This takes the previous persona builder and shows it working with the OpenAI LTI.

I’ve spent about 50 cents in testing so far over three days. That’s using the ChatGPT 4 model. Pricing is based on tokens which loosely equate to computing cycles. There are different rates for different models. I think this would be pretty reasonable for a class, especially if it’s group work interactions. It’d get fairly expensive fast if it were open to the world or used individually in giant classes.

I’ll be tweaking the persona builder more as things go on. I added some text to encourage it to be more concise in its answers because it was feeling pretty Eddie Haskell-ish even when I set the happiness level lower.

I did manage to get the thing working on Heroku.1 There is still so much crap I don’t understand about Vite build process, environmental variables, and Heroku in general.

1 It only took a couple of hours to make a thing that worked on my computer work on the server. Now I don’t know if it’ll work on my computer and I’m afraid to test it.

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