Weekly Web Harvest for 2024-05-05

  • We Need To Rewild The Internet
    The first magnificent bounty had not been the beginning of endless riches, but a one-off harvesting of millennia of soil wealth built up by biodiversity and symbiosis. Complexity was the goose that laid golden eggs, and she had been slaughtered.

    The story of German scientific forestry transmits a timeless truth: When we simplify complex systems, we destroy them, and the devastating consequences sometimes aren’t obvious until it’s too late.

  • ? Home | Open WebUI
    Open WebUI is an extensible, feature-rich, and user-friendly self-hosted WebUI designed to operate entirely offline. It supports various LLM runners, including Ollama and OpenAI-compatible APIs.

    h/t Taylor

  • Mike Conley (:mconley) ??: “There are certain problem clas…” – Mozilla.social
    Imagine you need to push an elephant made of Jell-O up a hill. Precise, focused pressure on the problem will not work – you will end up inside of the Jell-O elephant, and it will roll back down the hill.

    You move a Jell-O elephant with diffused, sustained pressure – like using a big square of plywood, and putting weight behind it. This is how you get it up the hill.

    Culture change is a Jell-O elephant.

  • The Last Stock Photographers Await Their Fate Under Generative AI – WSJ
    “At one point I was getting as much as $2,000 for the use of a photo, and that went down to 2 cents,” Saloutos said. He still shoots stock but no longer expects good returns.

    So many of his peers bowed out that the industry’s trade association, the Stock Artists Alliance, shut down in 2011. Other photographers turned multiple rooms in their homes into studios and began shooting thousands of photos a day, factory-line style, to maintain the figures on their royalty checks.

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