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  • “This is my personal space where I share my adventures and experiments within the fields of interactivity, generative visuals and computer graphics, I do it as a hobby and somehow never seem to get enough of it 🙂

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  • “The most important thing about BIG is that we know we’re wrong. We don’t know what a student should know. We can’t predict the future. When working with a group, we allow the needs of the group to dictate the instruction and curated content we provide in response to the need. This has two effects: I like my job and am happier, and the students are never hidden from the planning of learning.

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  • “A study published in the Journal of Personality  in 2006 showed that the Zeigarnik effect is undermined by reward expectancy. The study had subjects working on a task, interrupting them before the task was finished. While one group of subjects was told that they would receive an amount of money for participating in the study, the other group wasn’t told anything. The result was that 86% of the subjects who didn’t know about the reward chose to return to the task after they were interrupted, while only 58% of the subjects who were expecting the reward returned to the task. As the study was over and the reward was there, they found no reason to return to the task. What’s more, the subjects who were expecting the reward actually spent less time on the task once they did return to it.

    Compare this to the 8-hour work day. The end of the work-day is just like the interruption in the study: once the 8 hours are done, the task is interrupted. And the pay for the 8 hours of work is the expected reward. The above study shows that reward expectancy actually undermines the Zeigarnik effect, and that rewarding task performance can lead to early task disengagement. In other words, the 8 hour work-day actually makes us unattached to our work. A great way to fight this sort of complacency is offering flexible work arrangements for your employees and offering rewards in the way of a healthy work-life balance.”

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  • “This month, he said the principal eliminated his early-morning civic leadership class, which engaged students in activities such as feeding the homeless, saying it was not part of the Common Core curriculum.”

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  • “When Daniel Joseph, a York University doctoral student studying labor and technology, found out about Coca-Cola’s GIF the Feeling promotion, he knew exactly what he wanted to make with it: a Coke-branded critique of capitalism.”

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  • ” A calorie isn’t just a calorie. And our mistaken faith in the power of this seemingly simple measurement may be hindering the fight against obesity.”

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