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  • “Munroe’s teasing links to conspiracy sites also hint that he is well aware of the need to evaluate information for accuracy and confident in his ability to do so. He makes an effort to link to high-quality sites, although he has on one occasion (“All The Money”) admitted defeat (when trying to find the angle of repose for coins) and resorted to linking to a message board posting. Still, he carefully considers the information he uses; even when using a fairly standard resource like Google Maps, he looks carefully at the route it recommends. In “Letter to Mom,” he notes with surprise that Google Maps does not take advantage of the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail as a walking route and jokingly suggests it may be haunted. He also acknowledges other kinds of gaps in the information that’s available. His investigation into the amount of data storage available at Google (“Google’s Datacenters on Punch Cards”) works around the fact that Google does not disclose this information by looking into the cost of their data centers and the power that they consume.”

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  • “There was work for every man, even those who might be rejected elsewhere. A worker who had lost his sight to the blast furnace, or a limb to the giant bronze gears of the drywall mill, could be a valuable addition to the wack-a-mole test team. The token mint, where artisans struck the coins and currency vital to the inner economy of Chuck E. Cheese, was staffed with men who had lost fingers and toes while dynamiting the birthday party room. Trunk Torvald, a camp legend and day-shift mess cook, lost both legs when a team of workmen spilled their cement tub into the latrine he was digging. Torvald was stuck waist-deep in hardening concrete and had to be sawn in half to save his life.

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  • “Wow, this is awesome how do I join?

    You can’t. There are no members. We’ve found that “membership” in a club conveys a sense of “entitlement” to the “member.” Many people feel just by paying dues and showing up once in a while, with no other participation beyond that, gives them a say in how the club should function. We don’t exist to entertain you. Just to be clear, this is not a Democracy. The terms “Oligarchy” or “Benevolent Dictatorship” are probably more accurate.

    With all of that out of the way, we are always eager for talented people to join us. Even if you are new to radio but are eager learn and not afraid of being put to work contact us!

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  • “But a much more believable algorithm for faking the movements of a real, living resident could be part of some dark-market firmware update—new algorithms for the becoming-criminal of everyday machines.”

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