Wolverine Love Poems

I’ve been interested in using this Garfield Minus Garfield site for a while. Here are a few ways I might use it.

Instant creative writing prompt-

  • Write a love poem to a wolverine.
  • Or write a love poem from the perspective of a wolverine.
  • Or simply write a love poem using the word “wolverine” at least once1

The image matters. Having images like this always changed the quality and engagement I got from my students.

eat my socks
And we have a vocabulary exercise, in this case, for the word consume. Depending on where the student is at, they could match words to provided comics, find their own comics matches etc. I’d probably have them find their own matching comic and create a sentence along the lines of “Though Jon consumed the socks, the meal did not quench the fiery passion in his heart.”

If you feel like really making your students work, you might white out all the words and have them use the comic of your choice to explain something complicated or leave the words in and ask them to provide the context that will make it make sense.

For instance- this comic re-worded could become . . .
pity smile_filled
a look at King George III’s thoughts on the American colonies2. Part of the assignment would be explaining why your comic makes sense and that could be in writing or verbally to the class. A collection of these would provide for some interesting review material. I might even use them as test questions. I’d present the comic and then ask them to explain it.

It’s all simple stuff, I know but it might be interesting to someone out there. The Internet is a big place after all.

1 Bonus points for including a Red Dawn reference.

2 If students don’t have image editing software, just put it in Word and put text boxes over the speech bubbles. If you don’t have it, just use picnik or something similar

4 thoughts on “Wolverine Love Poems

  1. This is totally off topic, but I can’t help it. Red Dawn?!? I adored that movie as a young teenager. My husband and I watched (or tried to, at least) it again a few years ago and it was painful. Now all references to it make me laugh.

    1. In a post about wolverine love poems nothing is off topic. Although, I still quote Red Dawn it has been a while since I’ve seen it. I’ll have to see if it’s on NetFlix but if I dislike it I’m going to blame you.

  2. If you watch Red Dawn again and hate it I will assume no responsibility. You are forewarned of the awfulness of that movie. Don’t watch it! Keep the fond memories from your teenage years instead.

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