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It’s particularly helpful in a rather specific situation- i.e. one where you’re doing a mother blog and want to see all the student comments (like Allen did with the #thoughtvectors reader) but since we have students using their blogs for more than one class things get messy fast.

Enter me asking smarter people on Twitter, almost going to the forsaken land of Yahoo Pipes,1 and being saved by Google liking Mark more than me.

So anyway, here’s the structure to get the comments for specific categories/tags.

  • by name – http://bionicteaching.com/comments/feed/?category_name=apple
  • by category ID – http://bionicteaching.com/comments/feed/?cat=18
  • by tag name – http://bionicteaching.com/comments/feed/?tag=tutorial-2

This is one of those things that barely rates a post but given I didn’t know how to do it maybe it’ll help some other wanderer and for people who want this it’ll be really useful. Thanks to Mark, Alan, and Martin for helping me out.

1 I like Yahoo Pipes but one has to assume Yahoo will kill it dead very soon . . . although I’ve been hearing that for several years.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Comment Subscriptions by Category

  1. That was a nifty example of chipping away at a problem and jumping past the assumption it cant be done. Sure it’s cool to be jumping to static HTML blog, but the thing I like about WordPress is that there is a hook into every part of the system, just hard to find sometime,

    Yes, laugh at Yahoo Pipes. I consider it still one of the most brilliant designs and web platforms there, from a tinker toy like interface to that is often is the way to do things that fail elsewhere. I have a secret theory that something financially valuable to Yahoo hinges on it- there is no rational reason they would keep it alive just because its a neat tool.

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