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This WordPress tutorial is aimed at teachers (or anyone else) who is just starting out with some server space and Fantastico support. It covers a lot of the basic installation questions and gets into how to add themes and plugins to the blog. Most everything is done in video format.

I made it for our ITRTs who are mainly using LunarPages for their server space. It also covers the basic blog usage questions regarding activating plugins, changing themes and doing all the other normal stuff. We also get into some of the settings we use to make sure comments are moderated etc. There are also some tutorial on what plugins etc. I used to create different projects (like the Byrd Books audio blog)

It’s a solid intro into the world of assisted WordPress installation and administration.

4 thoughts on “WordPress Tutorial

  1. Sounds like a great resource. Just wish I had known about it a few days earlier because I presented a workshop and a state conference on blog, wikis and podcasts. I would have pimped (can I use that word here?) for you. Thankfully, I didn’t give handouts, I have all the notes on my Moodle so I will add it there and hopefully some of the attendees will come back and visit to get some resources.

    Thanks so much.

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