Year-end Top 10 List Roundup

As I was trolling through my bloglines subscription a couple weeks ago, I found a series of Top 10 lists that might interest you…
Top Ten Astronomy Images of 2006

There are some beautiful photos of comets, galaxies, and planets. There’s even an amazing picture of the shuttle and the space station shadowed in the sun. What a beautiful universe we live in…
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Top Ten Creepy Fossils

This two-headed reptile is one of the highlights of ten really interesting fossils that bring to mind a head full of questions.
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Time’s Top Ten videogames (+other game goodies)

It looks like a good year for videogames. Anyone notice something odd about this list? No football, no basketball or hockey. Bowling, Table Tennis, Electric Guitar. Fastinating…
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Oh, and here is a list of indie games. It’s good to see indie games of such quality. I remember the days of this:

Holla if you King’s Quest-ed!

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