A Backyard Hodge Podge of Recent Work

It’s been a bit chaotic over the last few weeks and I haven’t been posting much but I have been making fast videos of things. So I’m going to cram a bunch of those things together here with a bit of text to explain what they are and why they might be interesting. Some of the videos were made for faculty, some for some weird audience that exists only in my head. So if the title wasn’t enough of a warning, this is a weird mix of things with little connection other than I did them recently.

Virtual Poster Session

This started with a proof of concept demo.

It evolved into an actual site that’s been well received so far.

Research Interest Site

This site helps students and faculty find one another around research.

WordPress Art Theme

This was a minimal WordPress theme we started based on a request from a faculty member looking to use it for art students but then they went another route. As a result, the development is limited. I imagine it’ll get picked back up at some point or another or used as the base for something else.

Gravity Forms to Slack to Email Workflow

Sometimes you want your form submission to alert you in Slack but then you need to reply in an email with a particular format.

WordPress in Canvas via iFrames

I can’t recall if I did a video on this in the past but here’s a real example. It’s for a photo voice project in a sociology class. I will be interested in seeing whether we can do submission/display patterns straight from Canvas using the API.

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