Chi Alignment Workflow Dump

And by chi, obviously I mean chi. Consider this an attempt to clear my head a bit.

Bouncing off Jim’s post . . . I decided to look at smoothing off the rough edges of some new elements of my viewing/reading/sharing workflows.

Flickr Addition

One chunk I hadn’t been happy with but had never fixed was the images from people I follow on Flickr. I glanced at them when I logged in but that was it. I’ve been following more people lately including Alexander Pini1 so I wanted to set that up better. Given I had the full feed of the Flickr Commons in Feedly I figured I’d add this as well. When I didn’t see any obvious RSS icons I flipped into the source code and saw the image below which made me pretty happy- a nice Flickr Easter egg.
Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 10.37.19 PM

In any case, the URL is in there as well and it’d probably get picked up automatically but . . . hey maybe that wouldn’t happen sometime and it’s worth remembering you can flip over to source and do a find (ctrl+F or command+F)2 for RSS.
Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 10.37.43 PM

Tumblr Dashboard Irritation

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Tom Woodward
I’m looking at ways to pull in my Tumblr dashboard but haven’t been thrilled with my options. RSS access doesn’t come built in and I’m not quite trusting enough of the third party options I’ve found. GitHub has some solutions but I’ll have to do some additional work to get them rolling. I’m not sure it’s worth it. Tumblr makes it easy to buy into subscribing via their own methods but I probably just need to transfer those subscriptions to my aggregator. I also think I’d like to push my content to Tumblr rather than authoring anything in there or feeding Tumblr back to the blog.


The way I use Reddit combined with the way I read RSS means it doesn’t make much sense to subscribe via RSS. I tend to read RSS at night rather than throughout the day. The Reddits I inhabit tend to be fast moving- very close to IM speed (that’s faster than Twitter). If you aren’t on it in the moment then it passes you by. I’d like to plot out long and short examples of back and forth conversation from the various places I write. What’s the fastest I was replied to on the blog vs the longest time between post and comment? How does that compare to Twitter? etc. etc. I don’t know if it’d mean anything but I am curious. I think it’d be easy to get that from WordPress and maybe the Twitter archive would make that possible . . .

Foundational Questions

I end up with a combination of a few tools that make all this happen. My input is handled by Feedly from which I can tweet out or save in Diigo. Diigo does a combination of long term memory storage and publishing. It pushes out to Twitter if I tag it “tweet” or aggregates to a weekly summary post on my blog if I tag it “weekly”. At the same time IFTTT does some hand offs between some other systems. I think I illustrate that below.

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Tom Woodward
There’s a second workflow that is disconnected that needs connecting that involves Flickr and Tumblr. It’s shown below in its lonely loneliness.

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Tom Woodward

As usual I wonder about dependencies and points of failure. The whole thing looks pretty complicated and has a variety of redundancies which mess things up at times. When I try to talk to people thinking this sort of thing through I worry it’s overwhelming.

Other Stuff

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Tom Woodward

This Twitter conversation eventually led to making this site. Just the everyday wonderful stuff that happens on the Internet.

For some reason (maybe restricted to the Twenty Twelve theme) some external javascript elements (one that I was trying to make and one that did work) now seem to auto refresh. I am on the edge of rebuilding my portfolio site rather than spending any more time trying to figure out the issue. I have found an amazing array of ways to fail on the attempt to integrate MixItUp into the theme. It is so close to working . . . click on a category and watch it sort . . . and then unsort.

I also have at least three DS106 assignment ideas I need to get up and create examples for.

1 Really impressive black and white work.

2 A strangely underused option in my experience and, sadly, one that’s likely to die with the increasing prevalence of “endless” scroll.

2 thoughts on “Chi Alignment Workflow Dump

  1. Are you trying to feed your Tumblr dashboard? Or the things you reblog in tumblr? I pull a feed from tumblr based on the things I reblogged, which tells me I want to keep them in the future. My dashboard is far to full to want a feed for all of that, I browse on Tumblr, and syndicate the stuff I reblog.

    I’m working on something that will allow folks to see the stuff on tumblr, my rss, and reddit (which i am admittedly new to) as a way to frame what I’ve been reading on the web. I like the idea, particularly with the plugin that allows me to pull in the original images from tumblr/rss/reddit so i actually have a backup of the media. Very nice, thanks to D’Arcy Norman for that one.

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