Edtech Survivalist

In my ever greater efforts to make a fool of myself in the name of educational technology I agreed to do an “interview” for Jim “Edupunk1” Groom’s Edtech Survivalist blog.

We filmed this on the fly2 in a creek by my house. Some of the kids wandering around aren’t even ours. The swamp comment towards the end was my favorite as it was totally ad-libbed based on one of the neighbor kid’s comments.

I highly recommend this as a way to meet your neighbors (there are strange men in camouflage with mullets filming your children) but probably not such a good way to make a great first impression.

Yes, I am considering growing a mullet after seeing just how good it looks.

1 He made it to WIRED magazine

2 Obviously without a script

4 thoughts on “Edtech Survivalist

  1. Brian Lamb said it, and I had to admit it: you’re a comic genius. I wanted to try and take credit for the brilliance of this episode, but it was all you. I’m just lucky enough to know an all-American Southern nut like yourself.

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