Gravity Forms + FacetWP = Gravatar People

Screen Shot of OLE members

Having just finished presenting1 at NMC. I said we all need to document more, to show examples and explain what we did. Making the notes for the presentation last night and being able to use the blog posts I’d already written really showed me the value of reflecting on little things in an ongoing way. It’s amazing how much stuff I do that I completely forget even happened.

So this is how you’d make a gravatar people browser based on information submitted via a Gravity Form.2

The way you can use form element to populate a post body using the content template.
This image above shows the basic setup for the Gravity Form. Form fields essentially get combined with some HTML in the post body field. It’s pretty simple but it might help someone.

FacetWP setup to display gravatar images

This is the basic setup in FacetWP that generates the query and the display code. There are two elements. Element one is the query which tells which pieces of content you want. The second part is the display which shows the content that you’ve retrieved in whatever way you define.

The text version for the FacetWP template is below. There’s also a dab of CSS.

.person {
  margin: 8px;

1 Or at least talking in a room with humans in it. It was not of enough quality to justify the term presentation. I need to figure out why that felt so bad.

2 Could also do some stuff via the author information but that’s for another day.

6 thoughts on “Gravity Forms + FacetWP = Gravatar People

  1. I am going to play around with this…This might be something that faculty could use as an intro/icebreaker activity while also serving as a profile page to display students in their course. I’m assuming the form could be setup to display any image not just gravatars?

    1. It is visual thinking. Maybe they could do something much more interesting as a visual representation. Maybe even do it multiple times over the class and stack them vertically. 🙂

  2. I can’t get past your first footnote here. I’m not sure why, but those three sentences seem to be reverberating in my brain. I think the final question is one that fascinates me. Anyway, this is hardly relevant to your thought process here, but I felt a need to share that your words there are sticking in my thoughts.

    1. It’s stuck in my head too. I find myself both angry and sad in most presentations I sit in. I felt the same way trying to talk to the people yesterday. I think that my trajectory continues to carry me away.

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