New Gravity Form at the same ID

I’m doing a lot of work on the Parallel Practice site. We made some really significant changes to the form. Naturally, I did that on my development site. I had a vague premonition about getting those changes over to production but figured there’d be some way.1

Many things I did rely on the Gravity Form ID being 1. It impacts how I name certain CSS classes. It determines how I target fields via javascript, and how things get processed in PHP. I could definitely search and replace it throughout my code but I felt like that was begging for lots of minor issues that would be a real hassle to figure out. I could also hand change the form on the production site. That also felt like a real pain with plenty of opportunities to mess up stuff.

After looking around a bit and not finding any good advice, I decided I’d just try editing the database directly.

There are two tables to look at wp_gf_form and wp_gf_form_meta. You may have a prefix other than wp if you set up something custom.

wp_gf_form just has the basic title and ID. I didn’t need to change anything here but it’s nice to take a look at the data.

Now I open my production database and development database so I can compare things. wp_gf_form_meta has three pieces that need to be changed so that the contents match the fields on my development database. The three fields are display_meta, confirmations, and notifications. I copied and pasted from my development database into these fields and saved them.

That worked.

If you’re going to do it, I recommend saving the original production field data some place just in case. You can always put it back if somehow everything breaks.