Photography – Week 49

Rhonda Bowen

This one was made entirely by the book covers. I liked the glimpse it gave of how she spent her time on the bus. I’m not exactly sure where this bus comes from but it drops off a number of people each day and it is an interesting group.


“That mother . . . . just took our picture.” Closest to drama I’ve gotten thus far although I have been accused of being with the FBI and/or police with the stranger photo series.


I still find the colors of the leaves to be impressive. I particularly like them over bricks and cobblestones.

sic semper tyrannis

Lots of personality in that stride. The lens flare may be a bit over the top but I liked the imperfections in combination with the sic semper tyrannis in the background.


We found this snake while wandering around in the woods. It was one that releases a rather unpleasant musk when it’s unhappy. The kids handled it for a while anyway. I like the mix here of the curve of the snakes neck, the pattern of the scales, and the variety of textures.

Fall Cobblestones

The brightness of autumn leaves and rain slick cobblestones . . .

to church

There’s so much properness here. She is headed someplace, probably church.

it's organic

There’s also something about vines and bricks. A lot of the things I keep taking pictures of are these mixtures of natural and manufactured elements.


I include this one as an “almost.” If I’d have gotten a few feet closer in time, this would have been a much better shot. I like the odd choice she’s making to place her hand against the window. I’ve seen that in some photos I really liked and always wondered if they were staged but it seems some people do that.

we can't help but make art

A combination of patterns and textures that reminds me a little of Mondrian (the one below does a bit as well).