Photography – Week 51 & 52

It’s been a bit hectic of late. That and a bit of rain led to less photos than normal lately.

I take a number of these low angle dog shots. I tend to miss most because dogs move and I can’t see through the view finder. This one worked out pretty well but I missed a better one with the other dog (not pictured) in it.

I enjoyed the parallel lines in the shoe print and the stair treads with the parallel of yellows between the shoe print and the leaf.

I am stuck in traffic enough that I’m starting to work on taking pictures of people in cars.

I opted not to take a much more powerful shot a few minutes later. I don’t know what this building is but there are often very sad older people in front of it. The windows are often very depressing even without people. The one I didn’t photograph had on old shirtless man in it looking down. Few things have looked more forlorn. He saw me. I saw him. I worried he’d take the shot as offensive and decided not to take it.


The mix of texture and the shattered look of the pavement cracks made it feel like the tiny plant had made the impact after falling from great height.

Pets in Windows

why are you looking at me?
You don't even know
prepared for the siege

3 thoughts on “Photography – Week 51 & 52

  1. Taking pictures of people in cars…Do you think the people have a different attitude than those you find in the open, on the sidewalks and streets? Do you find the drivers being more negative toward your photographing them? I wonder if drivers feel a greater sense of privacy enclosed in their vehicles, as well as a greater assertiveness?

    I take a lot of photos from my car, but have tried to avoid making drivers think I am snapping them or their license plates. Is my fear of their reactions misplaced? I’m also concerned about safety on the road, which could be reduced if I trigger a bad reaction or a distraction.

    Keep up the efforts, and be safe!

    1. Nothing dramatically different that I’ve noticed. This is in dead stopped traffic. I’m spending an extra half hour or so stuck so I’m just killing time.

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