Rome Built in a Day (Serious Fun)


The Machine Project, a gallery in LA, hosted the “24 Hour Roman Reconstruction Project” last month. The group had a ton of cardboard and “building supplies”, did some research to figure out the layout of the city and pulled together all the images they could for modeling the buildings, put together a building schedule, and went to town. The results are inspiring.

Imagine your class reconstructing a great city of civilization past, a series of chemical compounds, or some other seemingly insurmountable task that requires little skill, a good chunk of knowledge, and a great amount of energy and enthusiasm.

BoingBoingTV Video
Project Description
monkyatomc’s flickr set (photo credit)
selfconstruct’s flickr set

One thought on “Rome Built in a Day (Serious Fun)

  1. That is just very cool! I remember building the coliseum with my son when he was in third grade. It was quite a challenge. I can’t imagine watching the whole “city” go up!!

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