Slack Bot! SLACK BOT!!

via GIPHY I don’t know why these two things are connected in my head but they are. So this is another one of those odd workflow posts. Here’s the scenario. I built a Slack App in their Bolt javascript SDK. That app has a command /courseupdate that triggers a modal with a selection and three text entry fields. Submission of that modal form creates a custom post type on a WordPress site. That custom post type is created with three ACF fields updated and a tag added so the update can be associated with a particular project. You can see it in action in the video below. There’s also a custom WordPress theme involved but it doesn’t really matter for this conversation. Various Resources The app runs on Heroku because that seemed the easiest route at the time to host the app. The Bolt framework to build the Slack portion runs in Node. The WP-API to connect the Slack actions to the WordPress site via the WordPress JSON API (also runs in Node). JSON formatter so I could more easily see what was going on with some of the JSON. There are a variety of tutorials that I used but none of them quite worked for me by themselves. Slack Bolt App in Glitch Deploying your slackbot to Heroku Another […]