Photography – Week 97

I’ve shot the Richmond Zombie Walk for the last few years and have used a few different lenses. This year I opted for the 85mm and went super shallow at 1.2. That made for some really interesting shots but also resulted in a large number of missed shots. The 85 is slow to focus and it needs a couple of feet to focus. The zombies had the tendency to lunge in too close and/or at the last minute. Even with those misses, I like how many of the shots turned out and I remain amazed by how much work and skill goes into many of the costumes. He was filming his son with a camera on a selfie-stick. He was so happy. The Straw Man who was part of the Wizard of Oz group which was an entirely impressive group. Seeing zombie parents with their children was odd. I think this guy was driving the car that was responsible for the traffic jam I was in. He looked lost amongst the police and wreckage. Traffic started moving before I could try another shot.