The Director’s Bureau Special Projects Idea Generator

levitating animal
So The Director’s Bureau Special Projects Idea Generator generates fairly random three word idea strings like the one above – Do-it-yourself levitating animal.

This is one of those things that I’d love to use in the classroom because it’s so simple and fun. It’s also flexible in terms of how big or small you’d like it to be. It could kill 10 minutes or be part of a whole unit. This particular generator isn’t really fit for student use because it’ll throw in “erotic” and some other iffy stuff but the teacher could spin the wheel a few times and come up with a great phrase for each week. I’d probably screen grab it or make something visual for the word results- as the packaging does matter.

It can then be use for a variety of things. It’d be pretty cool right off as a creative writing or journal prompt but where things would be neat would be in tweaking it to focus on what you’re covering at the time. For instance-

  • Describe the do-it-yourself levitating animal kit using every word from this week’s vocabulary list
  • Write an ad for the do-it-yourself levitating animal creation kit using the bandwagon technique
  • Write two responses to seeing an ad for the do-it-yourself levitating animal kit. In the first one respond in the voice of an excited kid (“I’ve never been satisfied with the levitating animals I got from the store.”) and in the second respond to the ad in the voice of an irritated parent. (“Just what I need around the house- more levitating animals!”)
  • It’d be fun for poetry as well. It could serve as the end of your poem or the first line etc.

You could have contests where the kids vote on the best one or have a whole series where they complete one of each style by the end of the semester. It’d be a great way to get kids thinking creatively and interacting with one another’s ideas.

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