Three Teachers on Integration

Untitled from Tom Woodward on Vimeo.

Despite the massive amount I still need to learn as a videographer and editor, these three teachers say some interesting things. It’s worth thinking about how some of their responses parallel despite open questions and not hearing each others responses.

The video is about 7 minutes long and has the comments of three teachers from Byrd Middle School in Henrico County.

3 thoughts on “Three Teachers on Integration

  1. Awesome lessons and editing. I observed Jenny the other day and missed out on her Google Earth lessons she’s now working on.

  2. I really like the quality and I think you found three teachers that understand or are starting to understand what student-centered really means. I like the way they talked about technology as something that is just part of the learning and without it the learning wouldn’t be as engaging for the students.
    Will it be possible to see any of the student work or hear from the students?

    1. This is what they did last year. I’m trying to get in there to capture the class, student works and for student interviews when they get to this next year. It’d make for some interesting video.

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