Virginia Uniform Performance Standards Breakdown

If that’s not a sexy title, I don’t know what is.

If you aren’t a teacher in VA it’s likely you should stop reading now.

Others may have done this already, but I decided to breakdown the new VA Teacher Standards because I’m helping to look at integrating our multiple rubrics into this framework and hopefully consolidating the various lenses through which we define good instruction.

You can see my current work below. I wanted to clarify the statements and really see what they said. I think it led to some semi-interesting discoveries.


5 of the 7 standards are stated so that the action has a result. You perform action X to get result Y. Professional Knowledge used the phrase “by providing” instead of “to provide.” Additionally, Student Academic Progress uses “results in” in lieu of “to achieve” or something similar. I’m not sure if that matters. They could be restated in the breakdowns but, at least for now, I feel the need to stick as close to the original wording as possible.

Only 1 standard appears to vary from the format where all of the initial statements match the end goal(s). Professionalism is the one that feels like it breaks the pattern. The action “maintains a commitment to professional ethics” doesn’t seem to match well with “to enhance student learning” and it appears to me that the “professional growth” phrase is the one exclusively tied to enhancing student growth.

The other sheets will eventually be populated with references to our internal teacher evaluation rubric, our 21st century instruction rubric, and our teacher incentive fund rubric.

Jealous? I thought you would be.

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