Weekly Web Harvest for 2023-05-07

  • Moderator Mayhem: A Content Moderation Game
  • Kumu
    Kumu makes it easy to organize complex data into relationship maps that are beautiful to look at and a pleasure to use.

    h/t Downes

  • Health Insurance Claim Denied? See What Insurers Said Behind the Scenes — ProPublica
  • Designing for (Realistic) Attention – Christopher Butler
    When I advise that a webpage?—?like a service detail page?—?have a maximum main body word-count of 150 words, I’m really recommending that it ask a reader to commit to 30 seconds. To put that in perspective, a 1,500 word article?—?the type of thing we’ve historically written with SEO in mind?—?could take ~6-10 minutes to read. Fewer and fewer people are doing that, even though search engine algorithms reward length.

    As I said, the average person is capable of reading 250 words per minute; few people choose to do so. If you get nothing else from this post, let it be that.

  • Jan. 6 rioter in pink beret identified after ex spotted her in a viral FBI tweet
    Recent posts from the FBI Washington Field Office on Twitter have gathered 10,000 to 20,000 views. The tweet about the woman in the pink beret received more than 7.2 million.
  • The Metaverse, Zuckerberg’s Tech Obession, Is Officially Dead. ChatGPT Killed It.
    Companies’ rush to get into the game led Wall Street investors, consultants, and analysts to try to one up each other’s projections for the Metaverse’s growth. The consulting firm Gartner claimed that 25% of people would spend at least one hour a day in the Metaverse by 2026. The Wall Street Journal said the Metaverse would change the way we work forever. The global consulting firm McKinsey predicted that the Metaverse could generate up to “$5 trillion in value,” adding that around 95% of business leaders expected the Metaverse to “positively impact their industry” within five to 10 years. Not to be outdone, Citi put out a massive report that declared the Metaverse would be a $13 trillion opportunity.