Welcome EdTech 2007 Participants

Welcome participants of Community Idea Stations’ EdTech Conference. If your looking for blogging resources connected with our presentation “Bob on Blogs,” you will find it here. Feel free to look around and comment while you’re visiting, and make sure you subscribe to or bookmark the blog. We update it several times a week.

3 thoughts on “Welcome EdTech 2007 Participants

  1. I like you Outsiders Vocab Blog, I can see why the kids were engaged. When I did my first wiki with 6th graders in my gifted classroom we were able to work all day on it. My favorite comment ? “Boy, I’m glad we didn’t have to write!” (hello….you just spent the whole day writing!!)

    Some teachers just don’t get it, the smallest change in delivery can engage the most unengaged.

    Unrelated question I can’t get anybody to answer…tried a couple of other English teachers. I think I read somewhere that urls in citations are not suppose to be active links. Is that true? Does it matter? Email me if you have the answer.

  2. I attended your EdTech session and have shared your Shakespeare story with faculty preparing to teach online. I notice your slides of Bob on Blogs is linked here. I am preparing a workshop for faculty on-campus and would like to use your humourous introduction. I am asking for permission to show it and will definitely give you the credit. If not, I can at least share your site and let them review it on their own.

    Great job! I wish I had been a student in your class!

  3. LT,

    Feel free to use it. I’m glad you enjoyed the presentation and I’d certainly appreciate you sharing the site.


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