George Washington on Steroids

Something simple and silly I did back in the day to emphasize the strength of the leadership of the Continental Army. Trying to make visual connections and keep people interested through humor.

George Washington on Steroids

I’m reminiscing some about my days teaching 6th grade and as I find things that I still like1 I plan to post them. Not that they’re particularly useful to others but it helps me keep track and who knows what it might inspire.

1 There’s not a whole lot I still like. I look at a lot of it with disgust and sorrow. I wish I could do it again knowing what I now know, you know- and that’s half the battle.

3 thoughts on “George Washington on Steroids

  1. Hey, I am going to get this printed onto A3, laminated, and displayed in my classroom! Humor and American History, a great combination. Keep it coming!

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