Google Form as Choose Your Own Adventure Tool

Just a quick proof of concept for a session I’m doing at VSTE. I’m trying to show how you can use most things in all sorts of ways despite what they were intended to do. Apparently the example Google put out for this way back when actually used choose your own adventure to demo the concept. I promise I didn’t know that.

Embedded below is a simple example of a choose your own adventure story using the branch logic options in Google forms. It’s a little hard to keep the pages straight at first but it gets easier as you go. Were I doing something large, I’d probably have to map it out first.

20 thoughts on “Google Form as Choose Your Own Adventure Tool

  1. I may be missing it: why is this more exciting than simple hyperlinks?

    Maybe because it’s straight-forward to create?

    I guess it does keep the data of choices by user, which may be better than simple web logs. So you could come up with a populist “best story” out of many submissions, er, reads.

  2. I don’t think it’s more exciting. It’s just an alternate way to do it, maybe giving someone an option they’re more comfortable with. If you’re dealing with students who don’t have/aren’t allowed access to other tools it might be a light weight way to do it.

    I’ve been thinking about how you might use form inputs in a way where other users’ input becomes a variable. That’d be kind of interesting.

  3. Not that I’m aware of. Unfortunately, the stuff I’m paid to do is taking precedence over the stuff I enjoy doing lately. I’m hoping for some time to mess with that idea in the near future.

  4. I’m looking to do something like this with my students but I’m finding that Google Sites is a much more viable option.

    1. No question Google sites or WordPress offers easier paths in many ways. I did it in form forms more for amusement or for those without any other means.

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