Step Up Yo Vocab

I’ve got to give complete credit to Dan for the idea and the example rap poster. After seeing his great poster of Talib Kweli I had to make some of my own. Both images will link to fairly large jpgs. Dan’s blog is what this one might be if it were better so be sure to pay a visit.

Let knowledge drop

Step up you vocab

While some will take issue with the grammar/spelling (I’m not sure which subject “yo” would fall under)- they’re great lines from the lyrics of both artists (although Jay Z doesn’t actually say that line I’m giving him credit because it’s in his song).

I would have killed to have posters like these back when I was teaching or in the Boy’s & Girl’s Club I worked at. They’re the perfect fit for certain demographics. Granted they won’t fit all places or all teachers. Remember to “keep it real“- which would probably include not using phrases like “keep it real.”

7 thoughts on “Step Up Yo Vocab

  1. Thanks Dan.

    I can’t take much credit for the Jay Z poster as it was pretty much that way when I got it.
    original Jay-Z image

    I might repeat that faint brick underline effect on the text as well. That’d be pretty nice.

    I’m not as big a fan of the Tupac poster either. I just happen to like Tupac and after all the discussions I had in class with 6th graders who still believed he was alive (on an island in Jamaica- their mother swears it’s true) I had to do one. Sad I couldn’t find better a better source image though.


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