Digital Survival Skills

This was a presentation the other day on basic skills to survive in today’s digital jungle. The summary description is below but it feels kind of pompous when I read it now. I will likely revise it in some way in the near future. I do like the core idea that there’s a lot of change and lot of distraction in a digital environment and you might have to think in particular ways and do particular things if you’re going to do well in that world. 1 I feel I’ve got a decent idea what those key concepts/tips are after working with a large number of people across a number of organizations and disciplines over nearly 20 years. The confluence of distraction and rapid change in today’s digital environment can result in confusion and frustration. We’ll focus on limiting distraction and choosing tools and workflows that will help you do more with less effort. The foundation will be a quick overview of digital productivity patterns (pomodoro, GTD, etc.). From there, we’ll move into successful patterns for getting work done in key workplace applications. For my own amusement, I opted to use actual survival manual advice with a specific focus on the US Army’s Survival Manual to frame the conversation. The idea that you can’t control everything and there’s no use […]