Why I Talk This Way

I spent quite a lot of time with my wife and oldest son looking at the dialectic survey map1 and trying to figure out which one of us said a particular phrase or pronounced a word a certain way. About half the time I answered “all of the above” while my wife was tried and true Massachusetts for just about every one.2

I figure my wandering ways are to blame so I figured I’d take a shot at visualizing that. I did recall that Google Spreadsheets would let you visualize spreadsheet data on map with no trouble at all. It’s an option under “insert chart.” All I needed was a location in the first column and the numerical value for the circle in the second column (years in this case). Said and done.3 Too easy. Mine is immediately below and is followed by my wife’s map. Turns out it has a rough time with two different data sources from one document- even if they’re on different sheets. I could have made an additional spreadsheet but I don’t like this enough. Easy-ish but not much control. I’m going to look for some other options.

Image Version

Turns out I’m starting to hate these as there are more issues than they’re worth. I don’t know how to allow access to the interactive version as I’ve published everything I can.

1 It was a good time and I’ll not apologize for it.

2 For the record, Massachusetts says just about everything wrong. It’s really sad.

3 Well, not quite. Turns out you can only have two columns of data or the whole thing errors out even if you only had two columns chosen for the chart (which works within the spreadsheet but not on the embed).

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