Living the Dreams: Digital Investigation and Unfettered Minds

That’s the semi-official name of the MOOC that Gardner Campbell, Jon Becker, Jason Coats, Jessica Gordon, Bonnie Boaz, and Patty Strong. The official name of the course is UNIV 200 Inquiry and the Craft of Argument. The course hashtag is #thoughtvectors. I’ll quote a portion of Gardner’s email description of the course. All the links […]

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I don't know the terms cMOOC and xMOOC. Can you send info? @mark_mcguire @jadedid @vahidm — Cathy Davidson (@CathyNDavidson) February 7, 2014 The language around MOOCs is confusing, even for the people involved.1 For the record, the whole conversation is here and Cathy later indicates she knows the difference.2 Anyway, I did see it as […]

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Suffering Massive MOOC Creep

Image by David Kernohan animation by Michael Branson Smith. I’m attending ELI 2014. MOOC seems to be synonymous with any online or blended “educational” offering regardless of size or openness. That’s a pretty open definition. Massive Massive (or massively) is a strange word to ignore. It is the first letter after all. It seems important […]

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I have always been rather irritated1 by the quote attributed to Alvin Toeffler. It was used in the start of the History and Future of (Mostly) Higher Education MOOC. The participants are all supposed to be life long unlearners. Cute, pithy, tweetable but I fundamentally disagree with what the words mean. First, the quote- The […]

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Networked Storage Data

We have 668 high school teachers using at least .1 MB on a shared network volumes we’ve collectively dubbed “Virtual Share.” Those 668 high school teachers use 2019.7 GB or 2.02 terabytes of storage. What’s particularly interesting to me is the disproportionate usage between teachers. The top user, a single person, uses 180 GB or […]

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