Voting in Gravity Forms

cartoon face eating cheetos.

This is one of those unique needs but with base elements that are likely to be useful in other scenarios. It looks at the logical operators in Gravity Forms which require no programming knowledge, looks at using cookies to discourage more than one entry, and finally moves to using the API to display data. That’s […]

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Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-01-19

Activist Graduate School – Online University for Protesters, Movement Creators & Changemakersfound via this thread Grimes Debuts WarNymph Social Media Accounts for Her Unborn Baby | Consequence of SoundIn one, the 3D baby speaks directly into the camera about, you guessed it, the impending apocalypse! “This is the end of the world. The world […]

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Two Display Posts Tricks

I’ve been a fan of Display Posts since the days of straight Non-Programistan. Despite the fact that I can write my own stuff from scratch, Display Posts still comes in handy all the time. The following are just two little tricks used in a recent course site. I’m just skimming the surface of the capabilities […]

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Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-01-12

Michael Pederson on Instagram: “Empty space #streetart #miguelmarquezoutside”Worth clicking through to see. Harry Harris: Mustache of US ambassador sparks uproar – CNN“I didn’t grow a mustache because of my Japanese heritage, because of the independence movement of Korea or even because of my dad. I grew it because I could and I thought I would […]

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PHP Middleware for Keeping Your JS API Secrets Secret

Screenshot of a design context website where the weather data is being pulled via API.

Origin Story We were looking to pull in live weather data for a eco-related design contest that VCU Qatar is hosting. I found a free API for weather but wanted a way to use it via javascript and not expose any secrets. That led to the script below. Many APIs have query strings that require […]

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