Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-07-19

As We May Code – NSHipster Loss | Know Your MemeAlongside the outright mockery of the strip, a trend arose on /v/ which involved taking the Loss strip and representing it in different ways. Usually, these would attempt to be minimalistic, portraying the characters as lines, dots, or just having four empty panels. Similar to how anything with green and purple can be recognized as Daily Dose, any similar-looking four pane comic can be recognized as Loss. Brian Roemmele on Twitter: “?One of the more popular apps for 2023 for Apple AR glasses will be an app called “Smile”. It will restructure the world where everyone that sees you smiles. It will have an interesting impact on society in ways not unde Wind Telephone – Otsuchi, Japan – Atlas Obscura ??? on Twitter: “pretty wild stories in the App Store reviews for Replika, which calls itself “THE chatbot for anyone who wants a friend with no judgment, drama, or social anxiety involved” https://t.co/a5Z0JxjN55” / Twitter Seed Ticks Are a Thing You Probably Didn’t Know You Need to Avoid | SELFHe’s actually had seed ticks on him in the past and says they can look like a brown patch moving up your leg because there are so many of them. It’s not uncommon to find a lot of them at once, […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-07-12

Librarians turned Google Forms into the unlikely platform for virtual escape rooms – The VergeOne of the early examples when google forms allowed conditional logic was a choose your own adventure form. I need to build out that wordpress plugin to let construction of these be more pleasant and allow more choices. B. Bolander on Twitter: “i hope bill watterson is doing okay and is proud of all the children he radicalized with this stuff https://t.co/l31P58xU0l” / Twitter The true story of the prince of Qatar and his time at USC – Los Angeles TimesThe adjunct researched selling the watch to benefit USC, but found that it was already registered in his name with Rolex. Instead, he wrote a check to the university for its estimated value, $12,500. USC confirmed his account. –what kind of adjunct has that kind of money for a watch they don’t sell and never wear? Coronavirus Conversations With One of America’s Richest Men – BloombergI wondered if the bubbling frustration might be fueled instead by the different ways billionaires loom over our lives, and not only because we can’t check email, stream movies, or post photos without their products. Earlier in April, Bill Gates had suggested his foundation would spend billions of dollars to fund a coronavirus vaccine, reminding everyone that it was the rich, […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-07-05

Japanese Amusement Park Asks Roller Coaster Riders Not To Scream : Coronavirus Live Updates : NPR“Please scream inside your heart,” and not out loud, the park is asking. diy making large pot out of aluminum cans AI Weirdness • When data is messyWhy was it looking for human fingers when it was supposed to be looking for a fish? It turns out that most of the tench pictures the neural net had seen were of people holding the fish as a trophy. It doesn’t have any context for what a tench actually is, so it assumes the fingers are part of the fish. LOOPY: a tool for thinking in systems Hype House and the Los Angeles TikTok Mansion Gold Rush – The New York TimesBut unfortunately many Airbnbs in Los Angeles have a no-filming rule. (Homeowners worry about, among other things, tripods scratching the floors and the potential property damage that comes with YouTube stunts.)


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-06-21

Explore ‘The Last Supper’ — Google Arts & Culture Open Ocean Exploration on Twitter: “The first account of a scientist getting slapped by a jellyfish-wielding octopus occurred in the prestigious journal Science in 1963 when a young blanket octopus used a man-o-war to sting the author, resulting in the pa Seamus Hughes on Twitter: “They…they tagged him on twitter. That’s some next level move.” / Twitter

Early Engineers website screenshot.

Recent Work – End of June Edition

Greetings dear reader. I write to you again out of the desperate hope that writing this cements things I’ve learned better in my own head and maybe gives a person out there something that saves them some time or suffering or maybe just provides a kernel of an idea that they can improve on. That’s pretty much the blogging philosophy that’s kept me erratically writing for the last 130 years.1 It’s strange that I have to look back at YouTube, my email, my calendar, and the other posts I’ve written to figure out what I’ve done over the last couple of weeks. It all blurs and fades so fast.2 In any case, on with the show . . . FotoFika Continues The goal here was to let very busy reviewers review individual student artist cards. We already had the reviewer names. We were assigning certain people certain students. Why not make that all a direct link? It turns out you can use the normal Google iframe embed code and the pre-populate form fields together. You end up with something like this example. I made a little js button to switch things. See the Pen google form pre-filled iframe by Tom (@twwoodward) on CodePen. For our needs though we’re going to build a page anyway, might as well populate it with […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-06-14

Dr. Moudhy Al-Rashid on Twitter: ““Why do you not write on your clay tablet? Why do you not rehearse your exercise tablet?” Sherua-etirat, a Neo-Assyrian princess, writes to her sister-in-law to scold her for not doing her homework in the 7th century Behind the Byline With Ed Yong – The Atlanticscience is “less the parade of decisive blockbuster discoveries that the press often portrays, and more a slow, erratic stumble toward ever less uncertainty.” Scientists disagree. They have it out, and they oscillate toward a shared understanding. We in the press make those oscillations look bigger than they actually are by covering every incremental development as it happens—and I’m not sure that, during this crisis, that’s the best route toward greater public understanding. Introducing: QuotebacksA nice pattern. I keep almost building a personal version of pinboard so that I can do more with images/videos/etc. This might be enough to get me to do it. Visually Workshopping the AWS CloudRather than treating our illustrations as a shiny add-on made by one person, I wanted to directly involve our course instructors and figure out how to directly pair their expertise with my visual thinking skills.

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Recent Work – Start of June Edition

My date titles continue to get blurrier. The range of stuff covered gets wider. VCU is moving any course with over 50 students to the online format. We’re supporting that move in a variety of ways. Our little R&D group is trying to answer the non-standard problems, questions, media desires. To some degree we are trying to create those desires. Chemistry/Pharmacy Like my brief foray into protein molecules, I found there are lots of chemistry options out there. My first round was with Kekule.js1 and I have a little CodePen demo of the editor here. My next attempt was with Chemdoodle. I’ve got a functioning editor and interactive molecule up on CodePen. These clearly aren’t feats of programming on my end. I’m just exploring the libraries and trying to get a feel for how hard/easy it is to use them. I also figure putting them up in CodePen might help other amature people get something working more quickly than some of the documentation allows. Now that I have a bit of background understanding I’ll be able to provide examples and make suggestions if the faculty need arises.2 That is some of what’s difficult in this scenario. I have to be able to move pretty quickly but have no clear idea where people will want to go or even if they […]


Weekly Web Harvest for 2020-06-07

Bankrupt Hertz Wants In on Robinhood’s Investors – BloombergThis theory is that the stock market is a fun casino, and you should buy stocks because they will go up and down in exciting fashion and might make you rich quick. This is a very old theory, and I suspect that for much of the history of financial markets it was considerably more popular and better supported than the discounted-present-value-of-cash-flows thing.  Will they suspend me? – PostsOfficial FB account of the @suspendthepres twitter experiment. A lot of people requested I ask the same question here and run the experiment on Facebook. Let’s see what happens. This account will post verbatim what the President tweets. Retweets will not be posted unless the President adds his own comment to them. You will see these as the Presidents comment followed by a link to the tweet in question. Let’s see if it gets suspended for violating Facebook’s TOS. Follow along with this social experiment and please share. Report any posts you think violate the rules. Facebook’s algorithm significantly differs from Twitter. On FB you need to interact with this pages posts in some fashion in order to continue to see updates. Otherwise, turning on notifications is an easy way to go as well. abcjsabc javascript notation into playing music and notation What Is Elite TikTok? – The […]

Screenshot of Qooler website.

Random Work- End of May Edtion

So lots of random work going on. We’re trying to knock out a variety of projects prior to some work on flexible course design with a bunch of people. I spent a lot of time in meetings. I spent a lot of time building content, some grant writing stuff, and rearranging various websites. Thee following things are a bit more interesting than that stuff. Qooler Qooler is a custom theme for a design competition for VCU Arts Qatar. Matt did the design work on this one and I’ve been building it out. It’s fun as we got to revisit the arrows that move with the cursor we messed around with a long time ago and it has lots of nice design references like the triangle’s association with the flag of Qatar, the sunglasses made of triangles mirroring the “deal with it sunglasses“, live weather data from Qatar etc. etc. Lots of details. This is a round one version and we’re waiting to hear back. Canvas LMS Banner Generator Initially we were asked to make some images with text to use in courses. I thought it’d be pretty easy to create an HTML builder that would be more flexible and accessible. I planned to be clever and do some stuff with radial backgrounds but Canvas did not like that as inline […]