Parallel Practice Logging in Google Forms/Sheets

The goal of this project was to have students logging their practice on translation and a separate non-translation activity.1 It’s a neat idea and I proposed doing it via Google Forms/sheets because it was a really short timeline. Here’s a walkthrough of how it ended up with version two. It’s likely we’ll have a more packaged third version that will integrate some more elements. There’s not too much unique going on in the script but here are a few of the hassles and how I dealt with them. Connect Weekly Data for Stacked Bar Chart I needed a way to group the data logged per week. ISOWEEKNUM gives you the week number that a particular date occurs in. So this little bit sets the last row of column N to be the ISOWEEKNUM function and referneces the date the form was submitted. This is handy and I’d never run across it before. Keep it Sorted I was trying to figure out how to do the sorting on the QUERY but this seemed easier. This function just keeps the entire sheet ordered by the week number. That way if people enter data later, it doesn’t mess up the graph. Authorizing IMPORTRANGE via Script From the beautiful people at Stackoverflow comes this gem. Previously, I could create the sheet and put the […]