Evolution from Past to Future

Here are a couple gems that may or may not fit well together. First, the clip linked below of Carl Sagan narrating an animated illustration of evolution. YouTube GoogleVid (via Neatorama) Next, Alan Weisman’s new book entitled The World Without Us comes with an interesting illustration of how the world would react if human suddenly […]

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Physics Flash Animations

David Harrison at The University of Toronto’s School of Physics has a wonderful collection of physics animations. Many of them are interactive, and some allow the viewer to make predictions before the animation plays. Now, I have to be honest. I made it through physics because the top three students in my graduating class (wonderfully […]

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ITRT Summer Camp – VSTE

Hey there VSTE ITRTs! Here are links to the resources used in today’s Google Earth/Maps, GPS session. I tried to cull things down a little bit to keep it from being overwhelming. If you want to check out all the links for Google Earth feel free to browse my del.icio.us account. There’s lot more stuff […]

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Who says Jaiku is useless?

Bouncing Ball, originally uploaded by baslercast. It’s just another tool and it makes possible some quick connections that lead to bigger things. Connections are good- no matter how trivial they might seem. Last night I noticed Basler bookmarked the same water balloon catapult I did. I mentioned that in a comment. He responded with a […]

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Discover Magazine Opens Its Archives

Discover Magazine has opened to the public (no subscription needed) complete issues of their magazine dated back to 1992. The website gives you the options to browse, search by keyword, or use a simple list of subjects to look through the archive. What is more, each article has a side bar with related articles. (via […]

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