Photography – Week 46

At this point I’m taking between 200 and 300 pictures most days. I end up keeping about 1 out of 10. There’s talk about taking fewer pictures making you a better photographer. Maybe. I’m having fun and trying out lots of things so I’m ok with lots of pictures. Some shots I take I know won’t come out well with this lens but I want to create the itch to do it right. Other shots I take blind. Some times that’s to keep things really candid, other times I just want to take a shot from an angle my head can’t make it to (really high, really low). I’m willing to fire a few shots that way and take the penalty on post processing. With a number of the street photography attempts I start shooting early and keep shooting. It’s closer to the way I used to shoot football. My processing workflow starts with a quick run through where I throw away anything I dislike immediately. That’s often quite a few- focus errors, things I knew weren’t going to work etc. Round two is usually throwing away choices between similar photos. After that, I start actually editing. If I feel annoyed about editing to making the picture better then I throw it away. All this is now done in Lightroom […]

Zombie Vocabulary

So in the theme of restrictions creating creativity and my own desire to be doing things more directly related to the classroom- I have decided to start Zombie Vocabulary1. I’ll take a few words from Merriam-Webster’s word of the day and create a zombie2 themed use of the word that I’d use with my students (if I had them). So to start things off here’s facetious– WOD from Oct. 14th. 1 Why zombies? I like zombies and I like the CC zombie pictures available in flickr and saw so many I wanted to use that I needed to make a reason to use them. 2 I may switch from the zombie theme if it gets boring so other theme suggestions are welcome.

Zombies, Flamethrowers and Catfish

Image credit – CogDogBlog It’s really a strange world. The shot above was taken in Second Life by CogDog following my presentation with Jim Groom the other night. It was, without a doubt, the most fun I’ve ever had with a presentation. The video’s down there somewhere. There were zombies, flame throwers and a lot of madness1. Jim was in rare form and really justifying his Reverend moniker. It was a pleasure to listen to him roll. CogDog has a very solid synopsis on his blog. The gist of the presentation is that forcing people into boxes tends to mess up education rather than improve it- that things like BlackBoard create a lot of false impressions. They make it look like lots of your teachers are using tech but the way that they’re using it tend to be very low level and actually hurts your real tech integrators. The future is open. The future is mobile, agile and friendly. BB (and others) are slow, ugly and unfriendly. It seems simple to me. Forced tech integration doesn’t work. It just gets you really poor teaching with tech sprinkled on top. Focus on forcing good teaching, get rid of people who don’t do it. You can do things to require that and your time and energy will be spent in a much […]