VCU: The Long Goodbye (Patterned but not Standard)

Titled: A continuum of choice. A continuum of complexity. From left to right Social media, the LMS, WordPress Multisite, Hosted WordPress, Domain of One's Own, your server. Some of the elements overlap indicate a range of similar possibilities.

I’m trying to document this idea better because I’ve had trouble communicating it in the way that I want as I’ve started my new job.1 A dog is a chihuahua is a great dane WordPress multisite is a thing but it’s a thing that can be as different as a chihuahua is from a great […]

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VCU: The Long Goodbye (AFAM and ANTH)

Here’s another stuff-I-did-in-the-past post. It may be doing this does a couple things for me. Whenever I’ve entered a new job I have felt like a moron who knows nothing desperately trying to show I know something and am useful without coming off as desperate.1 Trying to make new friends while learning new acronyms and […]

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Recent Work – End of June Edition

Early Engineers website screenshot.

Greetings dear reader. I write to you again out of the desperate hope that writing this cements things I’ve learned better in my own head and maybe gives a person out there something that saves them some time or suffering or maybe just provides a kernel of an idea that they can improve on. That’s […]

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ANTH 101 – A Deeper Dive

It’s been a good while since I had the pleasure of working with Mike Wesch and Ryan Klataske on ANTH 101. I revisited the course recently to write a letter of support for an award submission for online courses. I am posting an extended version of that letter below because I think it paints a […]

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Digital Histology & the Long Haul

Digital Histology homescreen screenshot.

Normally we finish our projects in anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. Digital Histology has been the exception to that rule. I can see a reference to the site going back to Nov. of 2016! That doesn’t mean we’ve worked on this site continuously for years. The gaps have been frequent and […]

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ePortfolios: Competing Concepts

A lonely tree in front of the ICA museum construction site.

I talked to some VCU people about ePortofolios1. It’s a conversation I’ve had any number of times over the years. I think that experience is leading to a better understanding of what’s going on structurally and the space we have to navigate competing interests. I’m also in a better position to show how certain technologies […]

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Real Life Math or Window Ad?

Windows come in many shapes and sizes. Some commonly used shapes for windows are circles, rectangles, squares, triangles, pentagons, and octagons. Source: One of those amazingly horrible attempts at making something “real world” in a textbook. This is a high school math textbook. The source for this staggering information is a website that sells […]

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